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Mouhtaj is a platform that helps benefactors find the needed people to whom they can give donations.


We know that we are stronger, more efficient and more effective when we work with others locally and globally to deliver on our vision of a decent world. We leverage partnerships for greater results.


Success is found in empowering communities to develop and maintain self-sufficient life systems. We focus on helping communities move from the point of survival to the path of sustainability.


We will work with any individual or group who shares our vision of creating a sustainable world for all people. We invite all to join us in improving the lifestyle of all people.

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Designation of need

Mouhtaj depends on people to give of their time and talent to help us fulfil our mission to help people in need. Every year, hundreds of people from all walks of life join us to make a positive impact on this world in a variety of ways. You can too! Find an opportunity below and connect to a world in need!


Any/Indifferent 2%

Food Basket 35%

Establishment of qualifying courses 5%

Assistance 3%

Health Care 25%

Educational care for needy families 10%

Money 15%

Other 5%







Family members

You have two hands, one to help yourself, the other to help others.

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